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Shivanand K Pattar's Solo Exhibition in Mumbai's Jehangir Art Gallery

Bengaluru: Shivanand K Pattar, veteran artist and Lecturer of the Government Fine Art School Dharwad is holding a solo exhibition at the prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai. The exhibition is slated to be inaugurated on 04 June and will continue until 10 June. Alumnus of Hampi Kannada University: Shivanand K Pattar is an alumnus of the Hampi Kannada University doing his Masters in Visual Arts. He completed the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Karnataka University, Dharwad, apart from doing the AM, and GD courses from the Shri Vivekanand Kalamandira, Raibag in Belagavi district. A gradual shift from figurative to abstraction: According to Gayatri Desai, senior artist and Varnashilpi Venkatappa awardee-"Shivanand K. Pattar's art practice reflects how the artist has shifted slowly from figurative to abstraction with time. The body of works, mainly abstracts, titled ' Elements' makes the viewer contemplate seriously on the elements of life and the elements of ar

Basaveshwar Khanavali: 61+ And Surging Ahead

Basaveshwar Khanavali has been a household name in the whole of North Karnataka region for a long back and in South Karnataka for the last few decades. The food outlet is well-known for its lavish spread of typical rustic delicacies from North Karnataka catering to the taste buds of all those fond of relishing the Jowar Rotti (Bread) meals along with the Holige sweet.   Rottis' done with beating: These days you can find any number of North Karnataka outlets most of them bearing the typical Basaveshwar Khanavali name boards at all possible directions in Bengaluru and these days elsewhere in the state as well. However, all Basaveshwar Khanavalis have nothing connecting one another but for the name. While most of these outlets are run in a 10x12 feet width garage-like premises the original and more than six decades old Basaveshwar Khanavali chain of hotels function from vast premises. Most of the small shops serve Jowar Rottis prepared by rolling just like while making Chapathis but

Chaddi Dosts' meet over breakfast

  A few classmates and friends of the 1977 batch of Basel Mission High School, Dharwad found some time to meet over breakfast at a hotel in Dharwad on 29 February. In fact, in recent years it was the second such hurried meeting while the last one happened on 28 February evening last year. GTG about 13 years back: The first ever GTG of the batch took place at Dharwad almost 13 years ago. Then it was resolved that we keep meeting at least once a year. All those who participated in that event were more than jubilant to endorse the same. However, for reasons not known the annual event but for once in Bengaluru never took off as planned. Thanks to Vishnu Yaligar: For this time the credit for organizing the sudden get-together goes to Vishnu Yaligar, a former head of the HR Division of several reputed companies. He made a few calls to old buddies and spoke in typical rustic Dharwad slang compelling some of them to rush the next day morning. A delayed start: Vishnu Yaligar, the ideal host

Paul Mamu becomes part of Dharwad's history

People originally from Dharwad and most of whom migrated decades ago elsewhere across the state, country and world in search of green pastures were in for a sudden shock since late evening on Monday. They all shared similar sentiments, fond moments and profound grief in the passing away of Paul Cardoza of the renowned Hotel PAUL’S at Vidyagiri. He was 69 years old and not at all an age for his generation to bid adieu. Walks to Death: Paul Cardoza was a little bit hefty for his height and age; otherwise there were no visible symptoms to hint of any ailments he had been challenged with. Even on the fateful day, he attended to the chores in the hotel until the afternoon before proceeding to neighbour Hubballi for a cardiac test. It is said that he literally walked to the health check-up facility to undergo the examination. No, he was not destinated for it as he suffered a massive stroke and never to recover! A jovial personality: In the passing away of Paul Cardoza Dharwad has lost one o

I am still a student: GR Iranna

Location-Government Primary School of Sindgi town in the then Vijapur/Bijapur and present-day Vijayapura district in the early Seventies of the previous century. The school neither had windows nor doors and it was a rainy season. The shepherd felt the venue to be a boon to his herd of sheep and made them enter the school building while the school-going children were amused to find the next day morning the new gatecrashers. But such a plight was nothing new to the schoolboys who also included the internationally acclaimed artist GR Iranna, now settled in New Delhi. A passion since childhood days: Recalling his hilarious upbringing culminating in an amazing career in the field of fine arts, Iranna Rukumpur reminisces-“My father wasn’t educated in materialistic terms but was very intelligent and pragmatic when it came to farming. He was very keen that I should become educated and did what all possible within his reach to accomplish his dreams”. Beginning with leftover chalk pieces: GR Ir