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Dr Pratap Kumar Pani dreams of world-class health infrastructure in Odisha

Dr Pratap Kumar Pani is a renowned Neuro Surgeon with 38 years of professional experience in the field and had been associated with the top hospitals in the country. However, he doesn’t seem to be content about his series of accolades so far as he is now dreaming of ensuring world-class health infrastructure at an affordable cost or if possible, at no cost in his home state Odisha. Charity begins from home: Dr Pratap Kumar Pani’s vision is not a sudden awakening due to formal retirement in the medical profession. On the other hand, his craving for serving society began way back when he was merely 17 years old. Then he was still studying in the Intermediate, known as ISc. He established a school in his native village. Thanks to his regular visits, once or twice a month, even after migrating to Bengaluru, the school has developed into a model institution over a period of time. He is extremely happy to recall the growth of the school and takes pride in informing -“The first student of th