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Bengaluru based Scientist bags Distinguished Asian Mycologist Award, 2019

Dr. D Joseph Bagyaraj (78), former Head of the Department of Agricultural Microbiology, University of Agricultural Sciences (GKVK), Bengaluru is a proud recipient of the “Distinguished Asian Mycologist Award, 2019. Currently, he is INSA Honorary Scientist and Chairman, Centre for Natural Biological Resources and Community Development, Bangalore continuing research in microbiology, especially mycorrhizal fungi promoting plant growth, and taking the results to society. Dr. D Joseph Bagyaraj Further application of mycorrhizal fungi along with selected beneficial bacteria reduced the use of fertilizers and pesticides, thus reducing the environmental pollution. In 2016 he was the only scientist from India invited by FAO to contribute to the Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas on mycorrhizal fungi which promote growth, nutrition, and yield of crops important in Agriculture, Horticulture, and Forestry Mycology – a branch of Microbiology deals with the study of fungi. Fungi range from single-cell