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a'Walking God' says adieu to his journey

a'Walking God' says adieu to his journey Kyatasandra is a suburb on the outskirts of Tumakuru renowned for its 'Thatte Idlis'(Plate Idlis).Generally people traveling on this national highway make it a point to have a brief stopover in this place to please their taste buds. This has been the situation since decades and off late a visit to the nearby 'Sri Siddaganga Mutt' has almost become mandatory.It goes without saying that Dr Shivakumar Swamiji popularly reverred as 'Walking God' is the main attraction for such a practice. Dr Shivakumar Swamiji of the Siddaganga Mutt also popularly reverred as the 'Walking God' concluded his worldly journey at the overripe age of 111 years and 295 days!He met the lotus feet on Monday, 21st January. He was ailing for some time due to advanced age related ailments and failing health conditions and had been frequently in and out of various hospitals at Tumakuru,Bengaluru and Chennai.In the last phase he refu