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Today's Words: Facetious, Venerable and Sierra

Facetious (fuh-see-shuhs) Adjective not meant to be taken seriously or literally. More about Facetious First recorded in 1585–95. From Middle French facecieux, from facetie, “a jest,” from Latin facētia, “a jest, witticism” (see facetiae+-ious)  Examples of Facetious She made a facetious comment about moving to Mars to escape the traffic. The author’s facetious tone made the article entertaining despite the serious topic. Venerable (ven-er-uh-buhl) adjective commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity. More about Venerable First used in Middle English between 1400–50. From the Latin venerābilis, equivalent to venerā(rī), “to venerate worship” + -bilis, "-ble," an adjective-forming suffix. Examples of Venerable They visited the venerable ruins, awed by their historical significance. She was a venerable figure, known for her extensive knowledge and wise counsel. Sierra (see-er-uh) noun a chain of hills or mountains, the peaks of which suggest the teeth of a sa