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Vegetarianism has many takers across the globe these days: NV Raghuram

People travelling abroad and also being rigid vegetarians really had a tough time throughout their journey abroad, but not these days. Says NV Raghuram, co-founder of Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandana Samsthana Arogyadhama(S-VYASA), here. image source: Mantra Care Vegetarianism continues to surge: In a freewheeling chat, he shared his opinion on the present developments of vegetarianism making a surge in leaps and bounds elsewhere-“There has been a lot of awareness among the people these days and there is no requirement of mentioning any religion while talking about these aspects. Many a top achiever has been vegetarians just because they had the practice of adhering to vegetarianism”. Vegetarian burgers in abundance: He continues-“Now vegetarian burgers are available in abundance. Gone are the days of vegetarians forced to starve for lack of vegan foodstuff. A top-notch Tennis player’s remarks of admitting being a disciple of Lord Krishna and also a vegetarian have given altogether

Covid-19: It's your life, so take care of yourself, advise Doctors

P robably there is nothing that people haven't discussed, shared and debated about the deadly Coronavirus pandemic ever since the first lockdown 1:0 was imposed across the country from 24 March onwards. However, irrespective of what is being pondered over and exchanged over SMSes, WhatsApp and similar social networking sites and in-person not much seems to have changed at the public behaviour in general! The same sort of opinion holds good with those in the administration and the political bosses adorning power seats. There seems to be no rationale between what is being publicly perceived and practised at large. Day in and day out the local, regional, state and central governments continue to bombard the people on what all that needs to be done to keep the Coronavirus at bay. On the contrary, the same authorities continue to act paradoxically giving little credence to their own oft-repeated public pronouncements. Much worse, every public activity, civic, public and business have al