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Techser surges ahead to create new milestones

The Bengaluru-based Techser Power Solutions Pvt Ltd Company continues to make strides in the ever-growing competitive power market year after year. This time around, it has bagged two annual awards for the calendar year 2023, presented by the Soft Disk group of publications. Third in SD’s Top 10 Power Electronic Companies: In SD’s Top 10 Power Electronic Companies for the year 2023, Techser Power Solutions Pvt Ltd Company has been placed in the third position at the national level. Fuji Electric India Pvt Ltd Chennai and Switching AVO Electro Power Ltd Kolkata are in the first two positions.  The remaining six among the top ten companies include the following: 4. Powerone Micro Systems Pvt Ltd Bengaluru. 5. Hykon India Limited, Thrissur. 6. Unline Energy Systems Pvt Ltd New Delhi. 7. Gravity India Technologies Private Ltd Bengaluru. 8. Better Power Services Pvt Ltd Guwahati. 9. Alpha Power Solutions Bengaluru. 10. Enertech UPS Pvt Ltd. Second among Top 10 Indian Power Electronic Manuf