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Today's Words: Impromptu, Illimitable and Neufchatel

Impromptu (im-promp-too) adjective improvised; having the character of an improvisation. More about Impromptu First recorded in 1660–70. A bit ironically, impromptu comes via French from the Latin phrase in promptū, “in readiness.” Prompt, “done at once,” also derives from the Latin word promptus “manifest, at hand, ready.” Examples of Impromptu They decided to have an impromptu picnic in the park when the weather suddenly cleared up. There was no clear plan so the next steps felt a bit impromptu. Illimitable (ih-lim-i-buhl) adjective incapable of being limited; limitless; boundless More about Illimitable First recorded in 1590–1600. Comes from the adjective limitable, which comes from limit. Limit comes from the Latin stem of līmes, “boundary, path between fields.” Examples of Illimitable The ocean stretched out before us, its illimitable waves crashing against the shore. The illimitable beauty of the night sky left me in awe of the universe’s vastness. Neufchatel (noo-shuh-tel) noun