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BMHS: Marriages pave way for frequent get-togethers and parties!

Dharwad/Bengaluru: These days, the number of frequent get-togethers and parties is on the increase, thanks to the marriages of friends' children. If am right as Narayan keeps saying, the WhatsApp group of the 1976 batch came into being only after Deepak Laddad's kid’s wedding in Dharwad. All those who had assembled for the marriage felt the need of forming an online group and things started falling in place for meeting one another every now and then. Nani pays respect to ‘Teachers’: Probably, more than a handful of such marriages might have taken place in the last 3-4 years or so. By and large, most of them took place at Dharwad while a recent one of the sons of Raghuprasad was held in Bengaluru. Ravi's daughter's marriage gave the feel of another get-together. Narayan booked rail tickets for me well in advance to attend the marriage. In fact, we went much prior to the marriage so that he could meet his office commitments. Once, the marriage got over it was party time w

Thimmana Upadhya’s milestones become Karnataka Table Tennis history

Thimmanna Gajanan Upadhya, fondly known as Charlie among close circles is a household name to all sports-loving people in the state and more so in North Karnataka. In fact, his accomplishments are amazing, right from his association with the Sports and Recreation Club of LIC Dharwad and donning the role of an Umpire in state, national and international level Table Tennis tournaments and championships. However, he appears to be least bothered to beat a drum about the same. Individual milestones history of TT: Narayan G Sabhahit, a close relative had to persuade Thimmanna for a small conversation at his residence. Perhaps, writing about Thimmanna should not be construed as giving him the publicity that he is least bothered by. But mentioning his individual milestones is nothing else but tracing the history and growth of Table Tennis and other sports activities across the state in a big way. Bengaluru centric Tourneys: In the early seventies, you name the sports Bengalureans dominated b