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Neighbours in Jeevanbheemanagar Quarters Become Friends for Life

Bengaluru: Eight neighbours’ of the state government staff quarters at Jeevanbheemanagar in the city over some time became close to one another to the extent of deciding to continue staying together even after vacating the staff quarters. In different Departments: Visveswarappa, retired CM’s official Cameraman from the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR), recalls the wonderful journey-“It was just accidental. While living in the state government staff quarters at Jeevanbheemanagar, a few of us became close and developed a bond … …Religious and cultural events: We organized several religious and cultural functions further cementing the ties. Not all residents belonged to any particular Department, which anyway is unlikely. This way, many employees belonged to different categories along with the officers. But hierarchy never came in between to maintain healthy relations paving the way for a memorable and conducive atmosphere”. Eight opt to stay together: “The days b