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Indian Homes Aping American Practice Of Doing Away With Kitchens!

A few decades back we used to be amused listening to a variety of stories on the social situation prevailing in the United States of America. At that period they appeared to be too intriguing, and difficult to digest, and forget believing the same. But, over a period of time, the hitherto unbelievable things have almost become part and parcel of our lives making the developments in the US very easy to understand. Appointment to meet friends and relatives:  Earlier one used to feel very uneasy hearing that one had to make prior appointments with friends and relatives to pay courtesy visits in the States. These days, one is compelled to make it a point to have confirmation of the known people, kith and kin to call them in our own country as well. In that way now we can boast that we are also on par with a super powerful country.  Impact of entry of TV into the drawing-room:  The drawing room of ancestral homes used to be a centre of fun-filled activities for the whole family, friends, gu