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Today's Words: Hinterland, Bulbul and Sapphirine

Hinterland (hin-ter-land) Noun the remote or less developed parts of a country. More about Hinterland First used between 1885–90. Directly from the German Hinterland, literally “behind the land.” Commonly used in the plural, hinterlands, compared with the sticks or boondocks.   Examples of Hinterland She longed to escape the city’s noise and find solace in the serene hinterland. The bustling port city was surrounded by a vast, sparsely populated hinterland. Bulbul (bool-bool) noun a songbird often mentioned in Persian poetry, regarded as being a nightingale. More about Bulbul Of imitative origin, borrowed into English from Persian around 1775–85. In Arabic, bulbul is the name of a bird in the Pycnonotidae family but can also refer to the nightingale. Examples of Bulbul Every morning, the melodious song of the bulbul filled the garden. The bulbul, with its cheerful tunes, was a favourite among birdwatchers. Sapphirine (saf-er-in) Adjective like sapphire, especially in colour. More abou