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And Now 'Sampradhaya' Cowdung Lighting Lamps

Sharana Basava Patil at Raichur district headquarters in Karnataka has come out with a novel idea of making Cowdung Deepa(lamps) with the brand name 'Sampradhaya', yet to be registered. Biodegradable and Organic: The makers claim it to be biodegradable and organic. Sharana Basava Patil, who is the brain behind the unusual concept asserts-As these lighting lamps are made out of cow dung, they are natural, organic and biodegradable. 100 per cent Eco-friendly: He also stresses-These cow dung deepas not only promote oxygen generation but also remove the pollution caused due to carbon and toxic air present in the environment. Zero waste: Sharana Basava Patil makes a point on the significance of lamps made out of cow dung by informing-The speciality of these natural cow dung lamps is that the leftover ashes can be used as an organic manure for plants and improve the soil fertility as well. Sharana Basava Patil Upliftment of Rural women and farmers: Thanks to the concept of making l