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Famine struck Farmer Deelipkumar evolved into a Businessman by sheer efforts and hard work

Deelipkumar of Sira town in Tumakuru district, thanks to the famine conditions was reduced to penury in 2000. But his hard efforts, relentless struggle and endurance to withstand hurdles on the way, over a period of time he has evolved into a successful businessman! Famine blocks education as well: He studied up to the 12th standard in Sira. He got admission to the Degree course but couldn’t fulfil his dream of becoming a graduate. The unprecedented famine that struck the state in 2000 during SM Krishna’s tenure as the Chief Minister had a drastic setback for all peasants of the state. Deelipkumar had two bore wells in their fields and both of them dried up. His father advised him to give up plans of continuing in agriculture and seek alternatives to make a living. Rs 1,500 salary for working the whole night! : As he knew driving and owned a Maruti van, he took up the job of supplying liquor bottles (Seconds) s to the bars at night times and went to the college during the day. For wor