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Today's Words: Interdigitate, Dumbledore and Eyewinker

  Interdigitate (in-ter-dij-i-teyt) Verb to interlock, as or like the fingers of both hands. More about Interdigitate First recorded in English between 1840–50. Formed from the Latin inter-, “between, among” +digitate, “like a digit or finger.” Examples of Interdigitate The roots of the two plants interdigitate, forming a strong and interconnected network. The gears in the clock interdigitate perfectly, ensuring accurate timekeeping.  Dumbledore (duhm-buhl-dawr) Noun bumblebee More about Dumbledore First recorded in English between 1785 and 90. From dumble-, an imitative, combining form (like bumble-, humble-, drumble-) + dore, a variant spelling of dor1, “a buzzing insect.” Examples of Dumbledore The dumbledore buzzed happily among the flowers, collecting nectar. As spring arrived, the garden came alive with the hum of dumbledores. Eyewinker (ahy-wing-ker) noun anything that enters or irritates the eye and causes blinking. More about Eyewinker First recorded between 1800–10. Formed fr