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World-renowned Cartoonist BG Gujjarappa says: My Best is Yet to Come

Many people are in the fond practice of complaining every now and then that they hardly get any time to pursue their passions. Maybe, they could be genuine in their own ways, but never ever in the case of the veteran artist, political cartoonist, caricaturist, children’s illustrator, and also into multimedia, Banagere Gangaiah Gujjarappa. Perhaps BG Gujjarappa or Gujjar as he is popularly well-known is a household name to readers of Newspapers, Tabloids, Periodicals, and a variety of books for several decades. Hemavathi connection: Sexagenarian BG Gujjarappa (03 June 1955), belongs to Doddabanagere village in the hitherto drought-prone Sira Taluk of Tumakuru district. Doddabanagere also happens to be the last village of Sira Taluk bordering Hemavathi village, an artist’s paradise in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. The Siddeshwara Temple is renowned for the four famous Shiva shrines as Lord Shiva appears in the human form, like in seated yoga posture, deep in meditation etc. q

H Jayadeva’s visual treat to Soundarya Lahari

Hunasagahalli Jayadeva, an octogenarian veteran artist recently displayed as he fondly prefers to call his philosophical form of art, a visual tribute and treat to Soundarya Lahari at the Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishat here. Art penance for a quarter century: Perhaps, his sustained patience, incessant enthusiasm and non-stop working for a little over a period of 25 years by itself to come out with this mega exhibition of 107 paintings is nothing else but mind boggling. But what appears amazing is his simple, humble and unassuming submission: “I have only tried to reflect my thoughts and understanding of the great poetic rendering in praise of divine mother in the form of these paintings”. Right eye is the sun , left eye is the moon,  third eye little reddish in effect. Days, weeks, months and years: If you ask him on the numbers of days he devoted to start drawing and completing each painting, you shall only be awestruck: “Maybe, I haven’t kept a count on them as the periods kept on va

KB Kulkarni provides a feast of water colours’

Senior artist KB Kulkarni has presented a solo painting exhibition at the KGLD Arts Gallery at Hoysalanagar, Sunkadakatte in the city. The exhibition which began on 27 February is on till 06 March. KBK, as he is popularly known in close circles will be turning 76 soon. Yet, the advanced age is no bar for continuing his favourite passion, playing with the water colours’. Landscapes in water colours’ in abundance: Although the exhibition is a conflux of a variety of works including oil paintings, the ones in acrylic and the abstract forms, landscapes in water colours’ seem to outnumber the remaining drawings. Even in the water colours’, the ruins, mountain terrain and the locations having a connection with the great epics dominate. Paintings on Naku Tanti: However, what perhaps needs to be lauded is his keen interest and enthusiasm in doing a couple of paintings on Naku Tanti, a collection of poems that bagged the coveted Jnana Peeth award to legendary poet Da. Ra. Bendre. He takes prid

Chi Su Krishna Setty: Golden Jubilee in Painting…

Chikkanayakanahalli Subbaraya Krishna Setty is popularly known as Chi Su Krishna Setty and is a well-known name in the field of fine arts. A tall, well built and handsomely dressed personality is unassuming despite being a veteran artist with a long-standing in the field. Looking back, the septuagenarian recollects: “Yes, I started painting during 1972 and in a short while from now I will be completing fifty years in painting. And I shall continue to do so”. Chikkanayakanahalli Subbaraya Krishna Setty Subliminal Excavations: He held a “Subliminal Excavations”, a solo exhibition of his paintings, recently at the main campus of Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishat in Rajarajeshwarinagar on the outskirts of Bengaluru. As part of the exhibition, he gave a lecture cum demonstration of his work and interacted with the fine arts students. A unique occasion, rare opportunity: Prof Tejendra Singh Baoni, Principal College of Fine Arts, Chitrakala Parishat(CKP) campus, Bengaluru showered praises to