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Life Is A School

Here's a group photograph taken in 1958 in Harlem, USA. The same picture with the same people standing where they stood in 1958 was repeated in 1996. Most of the people had passed on. Their spaces were therefore vacant. Here are some moral lessons from these two pictures: (1) Life is temporary. Your creator can call you back home anytime. (2) The position you occupy today is also not permanent. You will vacate it one day. (3) There is no room for hatred and greed in the school of life. May we learn to appreciate and love one another. (4) In 50 years time, most of us would have passed on leaving behind all we have acquired. Life is too short for all the hatred and greed around. Think about this, and let's love and appreciate ourselves. Always remember that your life is a school in which you learn moral lessons every day. This is why it's good if we do something while we are still together. Our togetherness won't be forever, but whatever we do together will last forever