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Prize-Winning Joke Of The Year

Prize-winning joke of the year- A man asked Actor Vijayakanth, "why Narendra Modi goes walking in the evening, not in the morning". Vijayakanth replied ''Brother, Modi is PM, not AM' ' Superb Doctor: Which soap do you use? Patient: K. P. Namboodiri's soap. Doctor: Paste? Patient: K. P. Namboodiri's paste Doctor: Shampoo? Patient: - K. P. Namboodiri's shampoo. Doctor: Is K.P. Namboodiri an international brand? Patient: No. K. P. Namboodiri is my Roommate! My husband’s chequebook A bookseller conducting a market survey asked a woman – “Which book has helped you most in your life?” The woman replied – “My husband’s chequebook!!” Fiction and Comics are on the 1st floor A prospective husband in a bookstore “Do you have a book called, ‘Husband – the Master of the House’? Sales Girl: “Sir, Fiction and Comics are on the 1st floor!”. I forgot her name and, Someone asked an old man : “Even after 70 years, you still call your wife "Darling, Honey, Lo