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Heramb Hemanth Flute Brothers Continue to Set New Record

Heramb and Hemanth are twin brothers who have already stamped their presence in a big way in the instrumental music world. The twin siblings more popularly renowned as Flute Brothers, in fact, are not only the most sought-after flautist duo but perhaps the only twin flute duo on the Carnatic music horizon. A family of musicians: Heramb and Hemanth are originally from Madikeri in the Kodagu district, the picturesque tourist haven of the state. The interesting and noteworthy aspect of them is that they hail from a family full of musicians being exposed to music ever since their birth. They happen to be the grandsons of Bhakti Sangeetha Ratna Ambale Subbarao. He was a multifaceted personality and apart from being a learned musician was also a respected cultural personality, author and teacher. Ambale Satyaprasad, their father is a Mrudanga artist and aunt Ambale Rajeshwari is a well-known Bharatanatyam exponent and Guru. Initial training at the age of three: Both, Heramb and Hemanth had

Covid-19: Significance of Ivermectin prophylaxis until vaccination​

Thanks to both waves of Covid-19 and mutated viruses and the onslaught of information, misinformation and canards let loose on the media and social networking sites, these days even the average person lectures like a well informed medical practitioner. Added to suddenly acquired knowledge of medical science, there is no dearth of experiments engineered on the human body. Unfortunately, doctors on the ground despite a struggling day in and day out continue to face rough weather. The experience of Dr Kavery Nambisan, a Kodagu based surgeon is no better. She has undertaken an enormous task on herself independently at a clinic in the Kodagu district with the help of two volunteer sources. Through them, she is trying to reach more people, mainly the labourers, tribals living in colonies and the working population. Dr Kaveri Nambisan A study by the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)-Bhubaneswar in the state of Odisha found that two doses of potential drug ivermectin prophylaxi

Kodagu Doctor bats for Ivermectin to treat Covid-19 patients

Dr Kaveri Nambisan, an Indian surgeon and novelist practising in the picturesque Kodagu district has been practising the treatment of Covid-19 symptom patients with Ivermectin and allied drugs. She has been doing so since the surge of the first wave and continues to do now as well. In fact, she also wrote to the Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan emphasising the significance of Ivermectin and allied drugs as a safe and economical strategy for preventing Covid-19 transmission until the vaccine reaches the last person. However, the response has been the usual, typical and lethargic "for necessary action" from the Niti Aayog! Dr Kaveri Nambisan Kaveri Nambisan studied medicine at St.John's Medical College, Bengaluru and Surgery at the University of Liverpool, UK. After her return, she worked as a surgeon in various rural parts of rural India before moving to Lonavala to start a free medical centre for migrant labourers. She is vocal in critiques of urban centered health

Kodagu craves for SOS to avert relapse of calamities in near future

Kodagu craves for SOS to avert relapse of calamities in near future               The onslaught of heavy downpour,water blasts,landslips,landslides and severe damage to properties including houses and coffee estates and fatal casualties in the form of human beings and domestic cattle are an eyeopener to the people of the district.At the same time they continue to pose a much dangerous threat of relapsing if immediate remedial measures are not initiated,for which the environs of the district is badly craving for. Interestingly in spite of unheard damage due to the incessant rains and the after effects of such a thing no wild animals have faced any unnatural death according to reliable reports reaching here!In fact animal-human conflict continues to remain an unattended problem in the district and people facing the brunt as a result of it keeps continuing unabated. Throughout the year there are any number of incidents in the district wherein people are attacked,kille

Regulated tourism,need of the hour for Kodagu

Regulated tourism,need of the hour for Kodagu Tourism has proved to have a fatal effect on the picturesque landscapes of Kodagu district and has transformed itself into a bane for the Eco sensitive zones.But at the same time tourism has grown to such large proportions that it's become so omnipotent within a couple of decades and now is part and parcel of the people residing here. In spite of the calamity arising out of heavy downpour,flooding,water blasts,landslips and landslips the locals by and large appear to be in no mood to relent about any thought of parting away from activities related to tourism.Hence now the only option available is regulated tourism which's also high time to protect the environs for further generations. There's no dearth of concerned people struggling to set right the wrong doings of all those who have hardly any thought about restoration,protection and conservation of the pristine forests but it looks like all their efforts are turning out

Kodavas divided on banning tourism in the district

Kodavas divided on banning tourism in the district The onslaught of rain fury,water blast and landslips seem to be over now for the time being although the ill effects of the same are far from being over in the district.Although various logic,version and defence are being put forth for the present traumatic consequences there doesn't look to be any unanimity over regulating the overcrowded tourist populace forget pleading for a total ban on tourism activities. Pudiyatanda Ganapathy resides in Somwarpet with his wife and son while his aged parents are hell bent to stay put at their plantations engrossed in beautiful landscapes close by to equally picturesque Kotebetta Shiva shrine.The temple on a monolith huge rock also boasts of picturesque surroundings and gives you a panoramic view of the Pushpagiri range of mountains on the pristine Western Ghats. In fact these evergreen forests are now a bone of contention between the environmentalists and the coffee planters,who have now

Now disaster tourism takes over in Kodagu district

Now disaster tourism takes over in Kodagu district The influx of nature loving tourists during weekends is not much to be seen these days,thanks to the man made calamity added with exaggerated versions of coverage in all forms of mainstream media.But that's only a superfluous part of the overall picture as outside people are now making a beeline to have a look at the sites recently devastated due to heavy downpour and landslips.In other words disaster tourism is now in place in the district which was unheard of so far! The existence of such disaster tourism is also acknowledged by the major players into the various forms of tourism that have been prevailing here since a couple of decades.KM Karumbaiah,Founder Secretary of Coorg Home Stay Association do admit the new type of tourism that's taken over the hilly terrains of late. He laments:Thanks to selfie craze,disaster tourism has taken over and people are now being taken to have a look at the tragic spots which have rend