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Arjuna's demise raises Pandora's box

The sudden, tragic and unexpected demise of Arjuna Tusker in the operations of taking into custody of a wild elephant has saddened the animal lovers of the state apart from setting into motion a series of perplexed queries thus raising a Pandora's box. Expert committee: Thanks to the hue and cry as a fallout of the tragic incident the state government has constituted a committee consisting of former and serving Forest Department officials. To what conclusion does the committee arrive is yet to be watched and seen. However, the worst possible disaster has taken place and unless the guilty are identified and punished, the probable findings will make no sense on the happenings on the ground. Why was Arjuna chosen? The crucial factor which keeps haunting all wildlife-loving citizens in the state continues to remain is; why the hell Arjuna was included in the team of elephants involved in trapping a wild one. Arjuna was given a retirement by the authorities following a successive inni