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Today's Words: Expeditious, Doppelganger and Dovetail

Expeditious (k-spi-dish-uhs) Adjective characterized by promptness; quick More about Expeditious First recorded between 1590–1600. Formed from exped(ition) -itious  Examples of Expeditious The company’s expeditious response to customer complaints improved its reputation. His expeditious movements on the field made him the fastest player on the team. Doppelganger (dop-uhl-gang-er) Noun a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person. More about Doppelganger First recorded in English between 1850–55. Directly from German: doppel, double + Ganger, “walker” (from Gang, “motion, way” +n-el; cf gang). Examples of Doppelganger The actress was surprised when her fans mistook a lookalike for her doppelgänger. Historical records revealed that a doppelgänger of the king was used as a decoy during times of war. Dovetail (duhv-teyl) verb to join or fit together compactly or harmoniously. More about Dovetail First recorded in 1555–65. So named from its shape. Examples of Dovetail The new softwar