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Karnataka Lok Sabha Polls 2024: Personal Prestige, Political Future On The Test

Politics is the last resort for scoundrels- George Bernard Shaw. Bengaluru: Seven more days are left for the first round of polls to 14 constituencies of Karnataka, but a short trip in multiple constituencies of several districts doesn’t indicate that general elections are underway. Thanks to the code of conduct being rigidly adhered to, you don’t even come across wall writings, banners, billboards, cutouts, hitherto a big nuisance during polls. Heatwave feared to affect turnout: Hunaswadi Rajan, Group Editor of Lok Shikshan Trust publications including Samayukta Karnataka, the oldest Kannada daily newspaper feared-“There is a danger of the polling per cent dipping down if the same present heatwave continues until the polling day”. Personal prestige to the fore: Generally and especially in Karnataka, local issues, candidates, and anti-incumbency factors play a vital role at the time of state Assembly elections unlike during Parliamentary polls. Interestingly, it looks to be the other