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Point Blank: A sought after brand in the Jeans market

Veteran Kannada humorist and writer Beechi, despite being a resident of Ballari in Karnataka used to make fun of the city. He used to describe that Ballari boasts of only two seasons, one of summer and the other of hot summer! Interestingly, apart from the unusual climate, Ballari has made it big on the international map, thanks to Mining and Jeans. A century into the Garments industry: Ballari, predominantly a Telugu speaking region has been in the garments industry for a century. Thanks to the British regime, the readymade garments hub came into being as the uniforms for the British troops used to be stitched here. Thus, the stitched uniforms were sent to Hyderabad and Chennai, which had a large consignment of British troops. Accidentally into, but now a big brand: Point Blank a small venture with a meagre investment of Rs 50,000/- during 1993, over a period of time has evolved into a sought after brand “Point Blank” in the Jeans industry. Bhanu and Bharani, brothers are the pillar