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Karthik Tallam, HC-Cambodia peps new dimension in bilateral relations

Karthik Tallam, a fifth-generation entrepreneur of the widely known Tallam family has now donned a new role in the form of Honorary Consul for Cambodia. But, within a very short period in the honorary position, his accomplishments are astounding by any measure. In an interaction, he takes a look back at the incidents which have ultimately led him so far enabling him to have a beautiful journey further.  Karthik Tallam Here are the excerpts of the conversation: Q: How did your journey with Cambodia as an Honorary Consul start with? Karthik Tallam: In fact, I did a lot of things even before formally taking over as the Honorary Consul. I am pretty well networked with the diplomatic circle and at one of the parties in New Delhi, happened to meet the 12-13 Ambassadors including that of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. When I met the Ambassador of Cambodia, he was very much impressed at the way I carried myself, the content of what I spoke to him and my lineage also. We had a lengthy discussion o

Poland's Hon. Consul CR Raghu sees the great potential for investment in India

CR Raghu, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Bengaluru is optimistic about investment from Poland in the state and country in the areas of IT, BT, Education, Renewable Energy and Waste management. Everyone is looking for renewable energy: Renewable gas energy is a big thing everyone is looking for. Our own Prime Minister is thinking, last week European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has also mentioned the same. Even our External Affairs Minister is speaking about it. In fact, the whole world is thinking on the subject so that the expenditure on fuels is reduced, he elaborates. A series of accomplishments: Raghu Rajappa, a city-based industrialist with enough experience in the waste management area has become the Polish Honorary Consul about one and a half years back but has a list of accomplishments to his credit in the short period. For, he informs-“In the last one and a half years, I have contributed in the fields of education, trading, politics, the visit of Amb