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Obesity Is Now Linked To 32 Types Of Cancer

Obesity is now linked to 32 types of cancer and might be fuelling 40% of cases, shock study warns via Even if you are 10% overweight, you are at risk of developing cancer. Burn off your fat and become slim and trim. It is easy.   Message me privately if interested. New study finds common condiment may increase your risk of stomach cancer by 40% via Avoid salt... can lead to stomach cancer You can take one multivitamin regularly to supplement what you're not getting in the diet... Tab supradyn one morning daily. For ten days every month. Women who bear the brunt of physical labour at home must have adequate calcium and strong bones.  Tab Shelcal is available once daily for ten days of the month. Every Month Whatever your problems in life, maintain a happy mind. Extreme distress can harm the skin and result one year later, in psoriasis. Practice one minute of extreme happiness dail