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Niranjan Mukundan with 19 surgeries grabs 91 International Medals!

You may not believe it glancing at the headline. Interestingly what has been mentioned is neither fiction nor exaggeration of sorts but a plain fact that turns out to be too difficult to grapple with. This is the true story of Niranjan Mukundan, who has such amazing accomplishments to his credit. Born with Spina Bifida: Niranjan Mukundan had spina bifida and clubbed feet at the time of birth. Spina Bifida is a congenital defect of the spine. As part of the spinal cord and its meninges are exposed through a gap in the backbone the condition is prone to frequent paralysis of the lower limbs. Meninges are the three membranes namely the dura mater, arachnoid, and pia mater that line the skull and vertebral canal and enclose the brain and spinal cord. 19 surgeries! As a result of such adverse challenging physical conditions, Niranjan Mukundan was compelled to undergo 19 surgeries right from birth as ongoing efforts and part of corrective surgeries. Thanks to Aqua Therapy: Thanks to one o

PM and Yoga Guru Dr HR Nagendra's relationship span over four decades!

The Teacher and disciple association between Padma Shree Dr HR Nagendra also Chancellor of the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana Arogyadhama(S-VYASA) deemed to be a University here near Jigani in Anekal Taluk of the Bengaluru Rural district and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a long history of about four decades. A visitor from 1982: Padma Shree Dr HR Nagendra, dwelling over the four decades-long association recalled to Hindusthan Samachar in an exclusive interview-“The Prime Minister has been a regular visitor to the S-VYASA since the early eighties. He came here for the first time in 1982 and from then onward he has been a regular visitor. HV Seshadri, a veteran RSS leader and my uncle used to stay here in the Prashanti Kuteeram. Usually, all national-level RSS leaders and functionaries kept visiting him right from 1979-80… …Inaugurated the Reception building in 1983: Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited S-VYASA in 1982 for the first time it was only blossoming

Sri Shankaracharya Statue at Kedarnath shrine and the Mysuru connection

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the 12 feet statue of Adi Shankaracharya in a sitting position at the Kedarnath shrine in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand on Friday. The statue, including the pedestal, weighs 35 tons and was sculpted by a team of sculptors led by Arun Yogiraj(37) from Mysuru. In fact, the Union Government had invited several sculptors for the project. Interestingly, the model of Arun Yogiraj was approved by the PMO. The work on the statue began in September last year and Arun Yogiraj with a team of seven others. They worked for more than half a day to ensure that the order was ready as per the schedule. Arun Yogiraj, the chief architect of the statue was felicitated by the district in-charge minister ST Somasekhar in Mysuru on Friday. It was a momentous occasion for the whole team who accomplished the task. 120 tons of Krishna Shile for the statue: Usually, the idols of Gods and Goddesses meant to be worshipped in the temples are carved on stones called local

PM's visit to Leh a big morale booster to brave Jawans: Brig(Retd.) DM Purvimath

"PM has proved himself to be a glorious example" Prime Minister Narendra Modi P rime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the forward regions today is a very big morale booster to all the brave soldiers safeguarding the country's borders in difficult terrain and extreme conditions, exclaimed Brigadier(Retd.) DM Purvimath here today. Talking to Hindusthan Samachar over the phone, the former Chief Engineer of Border Roads Organization(BRO) applauded the efforts of the PM in becoming a glorious example by leading the nation from the front. The Prime Minister visiting the international border areas on the eve of the aftermath of disturbing developments has definitely inspired our Jawans. It is a good message to the soldiers and the nation described Brig. (Retd) DM Purvimath. He also appreciated the words of the Prime Minister that the infrastructure development and mobilization of weapons in the border areas are for peace. The head of the nation visiting a trouble-torn ar