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And Now A "Kannada Marriage" In Belagavi

As a first reaction after going through the heading, you may wonder as to what you mean by a "Kannada Marriage". You might have heard enough of the Kannada tradition and culture, Queens, Kings, and dynasties, the pathetic plight of Kannadigas on the border areas of adjoining states, border disputes, anthem, flag, name boards etc just to recall a few issues in connection. Yes, a Kannada marriage is being heard for the first ever time! A brainchild of Kannadiga Deepak Mungarwadi: The Kannada marriage concept is a brainchild of Deepak Mungarwadi of Belagavi. He is already well known for his pro-Kannada activities in the border city and through his "Rayanna Instagram page". He married Rajeshwari, a Kannadati in the K. H Patil kalyan mantap at Autonagar in Belagavi city recently. Even their nuptial rings bore the names of Kannadiga and Kannadati. Kannada conference look: For an onlooker the marriage hall gave the impression of a Kannada convention being in progress. As