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Pandit Sudhakar Chaturvedi passes way at an overripe age of 124!

Veteran Freedom Fighter, centenarian and an expert on the four Vedas Pandit Sudhakar Chaturvedi breathed his last at 3 am in the morning here today. He was 124 years old! Pandit Sudhakar Chaturvedi Born to Lakshamma and Krishnarao of Kyatasandra on the outskirts of Tumakuru district headquarters on 20 April 1897, he came to be popularly referred to as Pandit Chaturvedi following his command over the four Vedas. He penned several books on his interpretations of the Vedas. He is said to be an eyewitness to both the world wars and the massacre in Jallianwalabagh. He was also greatly revered by fellow freedom fighters for undertaking the hazardous task of completing the funeral rites of thousands of Quit India movement victims.He resided with grandchildren at Jayanagar in the house of his adopted son Aryamitra, a Dalit. He served as the District Commissioner of many districts in the state before his retirement. Pandit Sudhakar Chaturvedi remained a Bachelor. Although hailed fr