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Pejawar Swamiji: An embodiment of service, sacrifice and dedication to the community and society

Sri Sri Vishwesha Theertha Sreepadaru , 32nd pontiff of the renowned Pejawar Adokshaja Mutt, one of the eight Mutts founded by Madhwacharya here was a rare religious personality in comparison to the present day run of mill Swamijis’. In that way it’s no exaggeration if one comes to the conclusion that the state and nation has lost a true son in the demise of the great Seer.   Vishwesha Theertha Sreepadaru The Pejawar Mutt Swamiji was truly a multifaceted personality who dared to transgress the physical boundaries of his Mutt and travelled across the country to spread Lord Krishna’s teachings of love and brotherhood among fellow beings. He had multiple titles to his credit including like the ones’, “Maha Santha(Great Saint), Madhwa Mata Pracharaka(Madhwa Philosophy Propagator), Hindu Kula Tilaka(The Ornament of Hindus), Apratima Jnani(Amazingly knowledgeable person) among many a other.By the passing away of the 88 years old Seer it looks like a glorious chapter in the annals

DK Shivakumar: Trouble shooter now in deep trouble!

Photo: Buisness Standard D oddalahalli K empegowda Shivakumar or popularly referred to as DK Shivakumar or DKShi, former state minister and leader of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee(KPCC) looks to be in a climax stage and deep trouble of his political career now. He had been in the news earlier for trying to come to the rescue of his Congress party now and then. But in the changed circumstances he has landed up in a soup and seems to be heading for much more trouble on the way! The present embroiled turn of events is not an overnight development. He had been under the radar of the Income Tax and other tax-related departments since long and got trapped in the net only a few years back.Just like his milestones of ensuring a crumbling defeat of his political adversaries his name has been entangled with controversies and alleged scandals and scams all along.If Gali Janardhan Reddy, former Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) minister and mining baron hitherto known for pumping in fun