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Marital Discord Blamed for Suchana Seth Killing Her Son

The Goa police are yet to begin formal interrogations with Ms Suchana Seth, Chief Executive Officer of Mindful Al Lab, a Bengaluru-based intelligence start-up company arrested on allegations of killing her four-year-old son. But preliminary reports reaching here blame marital discord as the sole factor driving her to such an inhuman and unthinkable crime. Marriage in 2010 and Divorce case in 2020: According to the sources in Goa Police Ms Suchana Seth is a native of West Bengal but settled in Bengaluru for a couple of decades. She married Venkat Raman, originally from Kerala in 2010 and they had a son in 2019. However domestic instability due to a series of disputes led the couple to go in for a divorce in 2020. Venkat Raman is presently in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia and has been alerted by Goa police about the murder. Murder, a deliberate act of desperation: The unimaginable act of a mother killing her son has shocked the civil society giving rise to different theories. It is