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Acharya Mahanidhi launches an unheard course: Ayurveda from the first standard!

Please hold your breath, here is a professional Ayurveda course already being launched by Acharya Mahanidhi and that too from the very first standard! Yes, you have read it right as it's literally no exaggeration at all and the gentleman who has come out with such an unimaginable idea of introducing the age-old ancient practice is just in his early thirties! It may look too difficult for you to believe, but, yes it's a fact. Acharya Mahanidhi An ardent disciple of Pejavara Swamiji: Acharya Mahanidhi, born on 21-08-1988 to Ms Radha and Madhwachar A. Satenahalli in Ballary happened to be an ardent disciple of Sri Vishwesha Teertha Swamiji of the Pejawar Mutt specializing in the traditional Gurukula form of education. He studied with the seer for 11-12 years and started specialising in Ayurveda and Natyashastra. However, the major part of his study was on dedication to 'Bhootvaidya', construed to be a major part of Ashtanga Ayurveda. Author of more than 25 books: He infor