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Ms Gauri Prakash Savadi bags the High Performing Singapore Police Officer Award

Ms Gauri Prakash Savadi, an Indian ex-pat who settled in Singapore is a naturalized citizen now and originally hailing from Hubballi has made the state of Karnataka proud by bagging the prestigious High Performing Singapore Police Officer Award. The award has been bestowed for her accomplishments on the eve of the bicentennial celebrations of the Singapore Police Day Parade, Commemoration Day. However, Ms Gauri Prakash Savadi is not much elated over the feat and makes no qualms in admitting that her role as a voluntary police officer is just another one along with several other voluntary initiatives. “It is just giving back to the society which we owe very much. I believe in contributing and inspiring”, she tells. Ms Gauri Prakash Savadi She asserts, “My way of looking at it is keeping contributing wherever you are. Anyone of the age of 16 is capable physically, mentally and emotionally. Let’s all make a beginning, maybe let it start from picking up the garbage”. She has been with the