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Karunalaya: A haven for poor, dying, destitute and abandoned

LEOMEL is a voluntary organization of Belagavi committed to the welfare of dying, destitute and abandoned people serving the society and running Karunalaya home for almost two decades. The interesting part, it functions all on its own through generous donations from family and friends of Anita Rodricks, the noble soul behind this organization dedicated to the welfare of the less privileged brethren of our society. Karunalaya is based at Navage village, about 14 kilometres from Belagavi on Jamboti and VTU road. It is run and managed by members of the LEOMEL Society. Fr Victor D'cruz is the honorary President of the LEOMEL society shouldering multiple responsibilities in running the organization. He is also a Priest serving in the Belgavi Diocese. In an interaction, Anita Rodricks found time to trace the history of LEOMEL society and Karunalaya, odds on the way and the smooth ride later and so far. Excerpts from the interview: Q: What made you start Karunalaya in Belagavi? Anita Rodr

Kannadigas in other states crave reservation in education and jobs

Kannadigas living in the neighbouring states continue to live a pathetic life despite repeated assurances from the concerned. Likewise, the successive state governments have continued to offer a deaf ear to their legitimate demands ever since the formation of states on a linguistic basis in 1956. This year is being celebrated as the Golden Jubilee year of renaming the state from Mysuru to Karnataka. But the problems, woes and demands look like never-ending perennial wounds for a lifetime and generations together. Adverse plight all over: The perplexed situation is by and large common to all those people with Kannada as their mother tongue living in Jath, Akkalkot, South Solapur of Maharashtra, Manjeshwara and Kasargod in Kerala, Mahabubnagar in Telangana and Rayadurga in Andhra Pradesh, Hosur, Krishnagiri, Talawadi, Niligiri, in Tamil Nadu and almost all towns and villages of Goa. These people have been living in these regions for generations and contributing in their own way to the d

Goa Kannadigas' plight continues to remain heard of

The whole of Karnataka is rejoicing to celebrate the golden jubilee year of renaming the state from Mysuru to Karnataka, but at the same time, all other Kannadigas living in the border areas of adjoining states continue to suffer despite all these years of independence and reorganization of states on linguistic basis. Plight no better in all other neighbouring states: The living conditions and plight of Kannadigas living in neighbouring states like Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are no better. The only difference is that the woes of Kannadigas living in border areas of Maharashtra are voiced now and then, although they hardly get noticed by the people in power resulting in any tangible solutions. Kannadigas regime in Goa: According to the pages of history, the present region of Goa was once ruled by the Kannadiga Kadamba dynasty from the 10th to 14th century, for more than 400 years. King Shashthadeva Conquered Goa, Port Gopakpattana and Kapardikad