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Woman Voluntarily Digs Open Well to Quench Anganwadi Kids' Thirst

Gowri Chandrasekhar Naik, a resident of Ganesh Nagar at Sirsi town in Uttara Kannada or North Canara district of Karnataka has been in the news and controversy for the last fortnight. Her voluntary venture to dig an open well in the premises of an Anganwadi centre in the locality to quench the Anganwadi kids' thirst has driven her into the present plight.   Not for the first time: This is not the first time that she has plunged into digging an open well all on her own. Gowri Chandrasekhar Naik (58), a widow who has studied up to the second standard has done such feats much earlier as well. The first time she did was around six years back. Then, her accomplishment was digging the five-foot broad and almost about 75 feet-deep open well in a solitary manner. Lady Bhagirath of Sirsi: Gowri Chandrasekhar Naik is well-known as Lady Bhagirath in and around Sirsi. Thanks to social networking sites, and awareness about eco-sensitive issues these days she has almost become a household name