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Lockdown motivates companies to look for alternatives

T he deadly Coronavirus pandemic has by and largely devastated the lives of ordinary mortals apart from affecting industries big and small in general. It has left no sector unaffected and as a result crores of workers are forced to undergo big havoc unseen and unheard of in their lifetime! Despite such adverse conditions, some companies have gone out of the way to keep going in a minuscule manner possible and at the same time contribute their mite towards the war against combating the killer virus. Aditya Auto Products and Engineering Limited is one such company having manufacturing facility at the Doddaballapur Industrial area on the outskirts of Bengaluru which deserves mention for its innovative ways in performing even during a perplexing condition full of odds all the way.According to Suresh Sethuraman, CFO of Aditya Auto Products and Engineering Ltd. company, they thought of producing Assisted Respirators taking into consideration the huge shortage of Artificial Respiratory System

Relaxing of lockdown will lead to spurt in Covid-19 cases, warn health experts

W hen the whole world is embroiled and perplexed with the challenges entangled in combating the deadly China originated Coronavirus pandemic the country is now faced with the woes of relaxing lockdown stipulations. Interestingly these measures are being thought of when there is a gradual surge in the number of infections and fatalities connected with the Covid-19! Thanks to multidimensional adversities as a result of the lockdown, the Government sources put forth their pathetic plight due to unseen and unheard recession, economic slowdown and shutting down of all manufacturing units paving way to total loss of regular resources while on the other hand exhausting available funds for the welfare of less privileged citizens. image : The Economic Times However, this desperate situation on the part of the government leading to relaxation of complete lockdown measures has also given rise to a paradoxical condition which the health experts foresee bound to culminate into a much more

Covid-19 casualties to be less post lockdown say, experts

T hanks to lifting down of stringent measures as part of the preventive action for the containment of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic the decision has given ample scope for divergent views about the pros and cons of the same. image: Deccan Herald Probably what has gone unnoticed is the plain fact that the killer virus originating from Wuhan, the capital city of the Hubei province in Central China with a population of 1.1 crore despite rattling the country of origin and spreading like a wildfire elsewhere didn’t have any devastating effect initially in India.But that solace was only short-lived. It was a different situation once people of Indian origin visiting other countries slowly started heading to their home country individually and in big groups. These foreign returnees were the prime suspects as they were the first reported infection cases. Later most of the foreign nationals attending the Tablighi Jamat Markaz visiting different parts of the country became the official c

Kerala leads the country in lifting the lockdown

The tiny coastal state of Kerala spreading all across the Arabian sea is again in news, this time for enough good reasons and that too during the deadly Coronavirus pandemic haunting all over the globe and unnerving the so-called superpowers and developed Western nations! Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerala Chief Minister has cleared the desks for the lifting of lockdown in all the 14 districts from tomorrow barring the Covid-19 hotspot areas, thereby accomplishing the unique feat of becoming the first state in the country to do so. image: In fact, the distinction of being the first state in the whole of the country in rising to the occasion by waking up with stern measures to combat the fatal virus infections also deservedly goes to the same Kerala state which boasts of many other accomplishments in other spheres of life. The whole state has been divided into four zones depending upon the proportion of Corona infections. These zones have been classified as Red, Orange-A, Ora