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Know What is a "Mondegreen?'

Know What is a "Mondegreen?' If you’ve been listening to rock music, you know it’s often hard to make out the lyrics. They sing it their way and we hear it our way. Jimi Hendrix famously sang the phrase “While I kiss the sky” which was heard by thousands as “While I kissed this guy.” CCR’s popular song originally said, “There’s a bad moon on the rise.” Many heard it as “There’s a bathroom on the right.” Deep Purple’s still-popular chorus (known for its timeless guitar riff) “Smoke on the water/Fire in the sky” was misheard as “Smoke on the water/Fire engine guy.” Nirvana’s anthem “Smells like Teen Spirit” had the lines, “Here we are now/Entertain us.” They were misheard as “Here we are now/In containers.” When Elvis Presley sang, “Everybody in the Whole Cell Block”, many heard it as” Everybody in a wholesale Frock” There’s actually a word for misheard lyrics like these. Mondegreen. Some mondegreens became so famous that even artists like Hendrix and CCR sang the misheard versi