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Kanakadasa: A warrior turned saint, poet and philosopher

Saint Kanakadasa was among the foremost of Haridasas’ belonging to the Haridasa literary movement which ushered in a new era of devotional literature in Kannada speaking regions during the 14th to 19th centuries.  image: Like other prominent Haridasas’ of his time Kanakadasa also popularly revered as “Bhakta Kanakadasa”, thanks to the Kannada film by the same name, is known for his total dedication and commitment to his deity. Kanakadasa was born on 06 November 1509 in Baada village of Shiggaon taluk in the undivided Dharwad district as Thimmappa Nayaka. Baada is now under the purview of Haveri district. He lived for a hundred years. His parents were Bachamma and Beerappa. Thimmappa Nayaka hailed from a chieftain family of Kaginele also called as Kaginelli and was serving as a warrior at the nearby Bankapur fort. He was well educated and inherited the amazing capacity of analyzing society threadbare.Various theories are attributing his sudden transform