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Corona at our doorsteps, fear doctors and health workers

The Coronavirus pandemic after rattling the common people belonging to different walks of life now looks like threatening the very lives of the life-giving and rescuing doctors and health workers at large following many casualties in the health sector across the country and elsewhere on the globe. image: economic times According to the Indian Medical Association(IMA), the parental body of the medical fraternity 93 doctors on COVID duty have died so far. Dr Ranjan Sharma, head of IMA has disclosed: 1,279 doctors have been tested positive so far. Among them, 771 doctors are less than 35 years of age, 247 doctors above the age of 35 years and 261 above the age of 50 years. Interestingly these numbers do not include the health workers like Nurses, Para-Medical staff and related workers. However, the IMA is working on a research paper to find out the causes leading to the deaths. Probably these findings may throw further light on the exact reasons for the fatalities and infections becoming