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Bengaluru: Cloud burst expose civic bodies

The cloud burst over the city from the past one week and more so on Sunday 04 September has not just rattled the daily life but literally exposed the preparedness of the civic bodies at such junctures. East gets marooned: No doubt, the Sunday rains dubbed to be only such in the past 94 years has brought the whole of East Bengaluru under waters. If the main roads at Bellanduru, Maratahalli, Sarjapur, HSR Layout leading to the Electronic city have transformed into streams the residential layouts look like lakes. Villas become swimming pools: The pathetic conditions of those who shelved money like water to build luxury villas are made to weep as the residential units wore a sight of open swimming pools as long as you can see. These residents' have also been compelled to flee from their own houses, for owning which most of them had to drench their lifetime earnings. Normal life goes haywire: However, the lives of all those migrant labourers who came from all across the state and coun