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Today's Words: Mid, Stratum, Irenic

Mid (mid) adjective mediocre, unimpressive, or disappointing. More about Mid In its original sense, first recorded before 900. Shortening of the word middle. Comes from Middle English, old English midd– (both an adjective and the initial element of a compound). Similar to Greek mésos, méssos, méttos, Latin medius, and Sanskrit madhya, “middle.” Examples of Mid His attempt at a joke fell flat among his friends, who found it to be quite mid in terms of humuor. The new smartphone model failed to impress users, who found its features to be rather mid. Stratum (strey-tuhm, strat-uhm) noun one of a number of portions or divisions likened to layers or levels. More about Stratum First recorded 1590–1600. Comes from the Latin word strātum, which means literally “a cover.” Strātum comes from the past participle of sternere, “to spread, strew.” Examples of Stratum The novel delves into the protagonist’s psyche, uncovering hidden strata of emotions and motivations. The artist’s work often explores