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Indian Philosophy continues to have recognition worldwide: NV Raghuram

“Just like people in this country there is no dearth of human beings continuing to evince keen interest in knowing the rudiments of philosophy,” says NV Raghuram, senior faculty of philosophy at the S-VYAS to be deemed university here. NV Raghuram Drawn to philosophy from childhood: In a way, he is a living practitioner of philosophy all along. For, he says: “Since childhood, I have been driven to the noble thoughts our philosophy continue to profess. After all, what is it we face in our lifetime? It’s nothing else but life and livelihood, the whole life revolves around one’s understanding of mind and people”. No regrets, bad feelings: If you are in a hurry to infer that Nelamangala Vruddhi Raghuram is another highly educated personality finding rescue in the Ramakrishna mission, then you are mistaken. Of course, he had been a civil engineer and worked in the Chennai airport and later returned to join the Karnataka Power Corporation (KPC) to work for 15 years. He admits: “I was a goo