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BS Yediyurappa: Roaring tiger turned puppet!

Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yediyurappa has accomplished his dream of becoming the state Chief Minister for the fourth time. However, during the turn of events over a period of time and within two months after taking over the reins he looks to have been mellowed down to a great extent which is in quite contrast to his personal and political personality so far. image : This transformation apart from amazing his admirers and shocking the followers is not a big surprise to his detractors within the ruling party who continue to gun him down at every possible opportunity! In spite of being the sole unquestionable mass leader of the saffron party irrespective of caste and creed, he continues to be projected as a Lingayat strong man in some sections of the media to restrict him to one particular community.Interestingly many contenders have cropped up to the pivotal CM post as soon as he is relieved to be packed up to a gubernatorial position none of these aspirants boast of ma