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Puneet Rajkumar tragedy: Family history, Stressful life might be the Cause?

The tragic end of Sandalwood "Power Star" Puneet Rajkumar, apart from sending shock waves across the state within the film industry, fan following and medical industry has also posed serious apprehensions about the activities in the so-called fitness industry comprising of private high tech gymnasiums, health clubs and whatnot. source: telugu stop It's also equally intriguing to understand why the health freak actor vocal on social media in showcasing his acrobatics never bothered to consult his family physician the previous day itself when he developed heartache while jogging. It's impossible to find tangible responses now. Probably, had it been any other ordinary being the relatives would have been on the receiving end of coaxing a huge bill under the guise of treatment in the ICU for a few days as these days these high tech hospitals are also dubiously known for cut-throat ways to mint. Gyms' should be banned say, Heart Surgeon: Several doctors across the coun

MH Ambareesh:Sandalwood loses another popular hero

MH Ambareesh:Sandalwood loses another popular hero In the passing away of MH Ambareesh, former Union Minister of state for Information and Broadcasting the Sandalwood (Kannada film industry) has lost one more legendary actor. The former state Housing minister who was ailing for some time had also been treated in a Singapore hospital a few years back. Of late he had distanced himself from politics and had refused to contest the May 2018 general elections to the state Assembly. He entered the celluloid world through a small villain role in late Puttanna Kanagal’s directorial venture, Nagarhaavu(Cobra).In fact this film also happened to be the maiden picture of Vishnuwardhana as a hero. Then on there’s no looking back to him in the regional film industry. He slowly started climbing the ladder of success by acting in supporting characters and villain roles. But his performance in SV Rajendra Singh Babu directed ‘Antha’(End) took his film career to a new high. Perhaps it’s the

Kannada loses its 'Angry Young Man' Rebel Star in the demise of MH Ambareesh

Kannada loses its 'Angry Young Man' Rebel Star in the demise of MH Ambareesh       MH Ambareesh,former Union Minister of state for Information and Broadcasting is no more.He passed away due to a massive heart attack at a private hospital here late in the evening Yesterday.He was 66 years old.The film actor turned politician is bereaved by Sumalatha,wife and multilingual actor,Abhishek Gowda, son and Kannada actor apart from a huge fan following across the old Mysuru region of the state. The state government has declared three days mourning apart from announcing a state funeral for the departed leader. Politicians from all parties and people belonging to all walks of life are making a bee line to pay their last respects to the Kanteerava Stadium in the city where his mortal remains has been placed. Malavalli Huchhegowda Amarnath was born in Doddarasanakere village of Mandya district. T.Chowdaiah,renowned violinist of the royal Mysuru dynasty was the grandfather of MH Ambaree