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V Sreenivas Prasad: End of a Dissent Dalit Voice

Bengaluru: Venkataiah Srinivas Prasad’s passing away looks like paving the way for an end of dissent Dalit voice in public life and more so in the politics of Karnataka. His passing away was neither sudden nor unexpected as his ill health was well-known to all those known to him. It’s a real big surprise that he could brave all odds on the health front so far despite being on dialysis daily for years. Eternal dissent in a way: Like true socialists’ he lived being an eternal dissent since the beginning of his public life and later forever, whether in or out of being in power positions. On the other hand, he refused to budge or compromise on his stance other than kicking out the power positions. Only a few years back, he resigned as a revenue minister following differences with Siddaramaiah, then the chief minister. He could have easily remained a minister until the end of the tenure, but he was the last person to even think so. Golden jubilee in politics: A resident of the royal Mysur