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Sanjeev Kulkarni: From One Matador to Multi Crores...

Sanjeev Kulkarni who owns the Tekfarm Retreat and Marriage Hall, a popular day trip tourist and marriage destination on the Dharwad-Hubballi bypass near Kalghatgi/Nuggikeri toll plaza boasts an interesting background all along. A very simple, down-to-earth rustic personality rejoices taking a flashback at his humble background and transformation for big accomplishments in an unimaginable manner. Joined B Sc after PUC: Unlike his other classmates, most of whom went on to pursue Engineering and Medical courses for coming in flying colours at the +2 level Sanjeev Kulkarni opted for B Sc after PUC for scoring less aggregate. He recollects-"Our classmate Narayan Sabhahit joined Engineering while Edwin D'souza took B Sc and were doing well in their careers. While I was still doing my B Sc, our father got retired. One of our friends Patravali, had a Matador vehicle and it was at this stage I wondered why not run it as a taxi and became a driver. Meanwhile, as our father had retired