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Karthik Tallam, HC-Cambodia peps new dimension in bilateral relations

Karthik Tallam, a fifth-generation entrepreneur of the widely known Tallam family has now donned a new role in the form of Honorary Consul for Cambodia. But, within a very short period in the honorary position, his accomplishments are astounding by any measure. In an interaction, he takes a look back at the incidents which have ultimately led him so far enabling him to have a beautiful journey further.  Karthik Tallam Here are the excerpts of the conversation: Q: How did your journey with Cambodia as an Honorary Consul start with? Karthik Tallam: In fact, I did a lot of things even before formally taking over as the Honorary Consul. I am pretty well networked with the diplomatic circle and at one of the parties in New Delhi, happened to meet the 12-13 Ambassadors including that of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. When I met the Ambassador of Cambodia, he was very much impressed at the way I carried myself, the content of what I spoke to him and my lineage also. We had a lengthy discussion o