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A New Drug Can Help Paralysed People Walk Again

Breakthrough drugs in the pipeline that will be a game changer will be posted here. Since clot-dissolving drugs in thrombosis stroke is a game changers and many are rescued in the 3-hour window period : A new drug can help paralysed people walk again  London: Scientists have developed a pill which they claim could help paralyzed people walk again. The new drug allowed mice with no movement in their lower limbs to walk with ‘well-coordinated steps’ and even to replicate swimming motions, researchers said. The experimental drug, called LM11A-31, was developed by Professor Frank Longo, of Stanford University, California. The researchers gave three different oral doses of LM11A-31, as well as a placebo, to different groups of mice beginning four hours after injury and then twice daily for a 42 day experimental period, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported. In tests, the experimental medication did not increase pain in the mice and showed no toxic effects on the animals. It also efficiently crosses the