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Karnataka surges ahead in conservation of Tigers'

T he Forest Department, Government of Karnataka has all due reasons to cheer, thanks to a compiled report of the fourth cycle of All India Tiger Estimation titled "Status of Tigers Co-predators & Prey in India", the number of Tigers is increasing in recent times. image: The numerical strength as per the summary report of "Status of Tigers in India-2018", the five Tiger sanctuaries in the state boast of 524 tigers which is not only the highest numbers recorded so far but just short of two to Madhya Pradesh in being numero one to the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while appreciating the efforts that have undergone in preparing the status report has put on record the best tools deployed for this exercise: Tiger status assessment has utilised the latest technology and the best tools for the process. According to the summary of the status report: India's national tiger assessment is the largest biodiversity surve