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Maharashtra Government Kannada School Students Fly to New Delhi Bengalur

The students of Zilla Panchayat Government Kannada Primary School at Maindargi town of Akkalkot Taluka in Solapur district of neighbouring Maharashtra state are in the news for their New Delhi visit by flight. About 45 people, including 35 female students, four teachers and two members of the School Maintenance Committee have achieved this unique feat to undertake the educational tour.   First time in the history of Maharashtra: According to Mahanteshwar Kattimani HeadMaster, Zilla Panchayat Government Kannada Primary School at Maindargi-"This is the fifth such tour as it has been my passion to ensure the children to undertake air-travel. Earlier, I was able to arrange for the aeroplane tour to the Government Kannada School students of Jeevoor, Goudgava, Nagansur and this happens to be the fifth such tour. Also, it is for the first time in the history of Maharashtra that students of any Government school are being enabled for a tour in the sky". To Mumbai by Train: Before go

Kannadigas in other states crave reservation in education and jobs

Kannadigas living in the neighbouring states continue to live a pathetic life despite repeated assurances from the concerned. Likewise, the successive state governments have continued to offer a deaf ear to their legitimate demands ever since the formation of states on a linguistic basis in 1956. This year is being celebrated as the Golden Jubilee year of renaming the state from Mysuru to Karnataka. But the problems, woes and demands look like never-ending perennial wounds for a lifetime and generations together. Adverse plight all over: The perplexed situation is by and large common to all those people with Kannada as their mother tongue living in Jath, Akkalkot, South Solapur of Maharashtra, Manjeshwara and Kasargod in Kerala, Mahabubnagar in Telangana and Rayadurga in Andhra Pradesh, Hosur, Krishnagiri, Talawadi, Niligiri, in Tamil Nadu and almost all towns and villages of Goa. These people have been living in these regions for generations and contributing in their own way to the d

Karnataka farmers agitate for Mahadayi waters while BSY assures Krishna waters to Maharashtra!

BS Yediyurappa , Karnataka Chief Minister today stirred a hornet's nest while addressing a Bharatiya Janata Party-Shivsena electoral campaign public meeting at Jatta town belonging to Solapur district in Maharashtra. The lone saffron party mass leader of the neighbouring state gave a clarion call to Kannadigas settled in the bordering districts to vote for the Shivsena candidate in the ensuing Maharashtra Assembly elections to ensure fulfilment of their long-standing demands including release of Krishna River waters from the Alamatti dam of Vijayapura district.Perhaps it was a magnanimous gesture for a chief minister of an adjoining state to declare the release of water for the parched areas of Solapur district. But the timing proved to be unwise. The farmers of North Karnataka, including hundreds of women clad in green sarees, have descended in Bengaluru this morning to press for their age-old demand of release of Mahadayi River waters to regions of Belagavi, Dharwad and Gada