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Kerala Health Minister KK Shyailaja Teacher

KK Shyailaja , rather popularly well-known as Shyailaja Teacher in Kerala, apart from being a household name in the native state is now a renowned personality worldwide. Thanks to her proactive role in containing Nipah and Covid-19 Pandemics, she hit the headlines for doing so not in the home state alone but elsewhere across the globe. Image: Interaction with people belonging to different walks of life in Kerala gave a mixed reaction. If most of them were appreciative of her role in handling the health emergencies, there were dissent voices too having their own reservations about the popular perceptions prevailing in the society. Dr. Bobby.V. Unikrishnan, Assistant Professor at the College of Agriculture, Kerala Agriculture University in Padanakkad, Kasargod opines: Shailaja Teacher is a name to be reckoned with Covid warriors of Kerala. She is a very popular figure in the state because of her coordinated approach in tackling the Pandemic. Even much before she played a pi